In today’s blog podcast we are going to look at how you can market your Horror book by stealing some Horror movie marketing tactics. When it comes to marketing a horror movie, the trailer is everything. A good trailer can be shared all over social media, attracting just the right audience to go and see it. Promoting a horror novel is much the same. Here we share five marketing tactics horror movies use which you can adapt in order to promote your horror  novel. Let’s start at number 5.

5 – Show Audience Testimonials and Ratings

A lot of movie trailers show quotes from critics praising the movie. This technique is commonly used to sell books as well. One technique which has become a best practice is to start your book description on Amazon with a quote praising the book or your work. You can also put additional quotes on your book cover and at the bottom of your book description.

You can also get quotes by pulling in favourable reviews from, or by reaching out to other authors. Many authors will be happy to blurb your book in exchange for a free copy, or a reciprocal review for their book.


4 – Creativity Can Be More Effective than Money

There’s a reason why a lot of up and coming directors start with a horror movie: usually it’s down to small budgets. With a little creativity, there are ways to make a good horror movie, without spending a lot of money. Check out movies such as The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity. Both had tiny budgets yet both achieved fantastic success.

There are also a lot of great promotional sites for authors, but there’s also something to be said for being creative. You may be able to find a fun and creative way to promote your book on social media without spending a lot of money.

Why not photoshop an image, not necessarily of your book but something which links with the theme of the story. It will help promote your horror novel, and by adding some enticing words you could draw in a lot of traffic, likes and comments.

3 – Show Your Characters

Horror movie trailers often revolve around their characters. If they can make you care about what happens to these characters, you are much more likely to go and see the movie.

Same can be said about the characters in books. Be sure to include details about your characters in your book description and promotions, which will make your audience sympathetic towards your characters.


2 – Use Mystery to Entice Readers to Buy

Horror movie trailers often hit us with something unexpected and mysterious. Where did that come from? What is causing that? These questions draw us into the story, making us want to go and see the movie.

You too can offer excerpts, or short cliff-hanger teasers through your social media feeds, in order to build an audience and entice readers to buy your book.


1 – Give Readers What They Want

If a movie trailer does this then the same is true when promoting your book. Give your readers characters they can care about, often with sympathetic backgrounds. Trying summing them up in a few words, or the descriptions you use in your book blurb. This helps to put a ‘face’ to your characters, giving them life and making them interesting for your readers. We’ve all seen movie trailers that give away too much of the plot. Don’t be that person. Instead, tell them what the blood and guts are in your book.

The question you have to ask yourself is: When someone picks up your book, what’s in it for the readers?

You need to tell them! Be explicit. If your book is an exciting adventure, then tell them it’s an exciting adventure. If your book has uncanny haunting's or violent gore, don’t be afraid to share this fact.

Not only will you keep away readers who don’t like such things, and might leave bad reviews, but you will get the right readers interested in your book.

These simple tips are just something for you to think about. But as in all things to do with your writing make sure you do your research first. Good book marketing.

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