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Following the success of our Summer 2020 Writing Competition we are pleased to announce the Summer 2021 Writing Competition. The competition is open to all writers of any age regardless of experience.

We will welcome a short story of up to and between the number of words on any subject as stated below. ALL stories MUST be suitable for readers of the three ages listed. We shall be judging the stories on three levels – Ages MG (12 to 15); Ages YA (16+),  and Older Adults. If there are enough quality entrants we will be producing a short story book for each of the three categories. (Click download button below to print these instructions)


      *  As the writer you can choose the topic you wish to write about. However, we request that your stories bear in mind the level of age group you are writing           for.

      *  For the two upper age groups you must write between 2500 and 3000 words max.

     *  For the younger age group we will be open to less words within the story but would request that there be a minimum of at least 1500 to 2500 words or           above.

   *  For younger entrants ie writers under 14 your minimum number should equal 1500 words. You can of course write up to the maximum number as            stated above.

      *  If you are stuck for ideas for your subject matter then check out our list below for some suggestions and ideas.

      *  You may enter up to 5 times in each entry


      *  All entries will remain the copyright of the appropriate writer

      *  There will be a team of independent judges for each age group who will mark in accordance with Mentoring Writers requirements.

      *  By entering this competition the writer agrees to allowing Mentoring Writers to use the works in a published book and/or any other outlets such as their           website, social media, newsletter etc.


     *  All entries are free.

     *  Once you have written your story please submit to - - placing Summer 2021 Competition in the Subject Box.

             We will acknowledge your submission by email.

     *   The closing date for the Competition will be 25th JUNE 2021.  Judging will commence once all entrants have been received.

     *   Results will be announced in August with the books being published in the following October.


If you are stuck for a subject to write about here are some links to ideas and suggestions to assist you in finding your creative flow:

MG Readers -            

YA Readers  -

Adult Readers -

If you have any queries regarding the Mentoring Writers Summer 2021 Writing Competition then please feel free to contact us:

                    - placing Competition Enquiries in the subject box.

Good Luck and Happy Writing…

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