Jolly Loves Jelly

Mentored through our alternate organisation Kids4Kids we announce the launch of Lorella Pacey’s debut picture book - Jolly Loves Jelly. Lorella was aged 10 when we started working with her. She wrote and illustrated the story although she allowed our in house illustrator Cerys Edwards to finesse the images so as to create the superb images included within this delightful story book.

An Illustrated Guide to Help Adults Destroy the Planet

This is a unique ‘picture book’ style story showing adults what we are doing in our efforts to destroy our children’s and grandchildren's future on this planet. Although it is a serious subject Lawrence Dracut the author has approached it very much with a tongue in cheek attitude, hoping adults will get the message that we really need to take action… NOW. A superb gift for those adults you believe aren’t being careful with your kids future.

A Multitude of Stars

An anthology of micro poems written throughout the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns, shows the emotions that one woman, poet Lis McDermott, experienced. Love and support from her husband and friends helped through this difficult time.

Charm of the Chosen One

Anya believes she is an ordinary girl. When Christopher Arrives, she discovers they are linked in some way she cannot explain. He tells her he must take her away to fulfil her destiny. One where she will meet the Sinitha. Forced to travel to another world, Anya learns things are not as they seem to be. Could Ayla's very existence hang in the balance? And will she survive to return to return to her own world?

Can You Hear Me?

Written between the ages of 11 and 15 years old Can You Hear Me is a collection of poems by a new young writer living in Australia. The poems are unusual and are perhaps darker than one would expect from one so young. Yet, they are in the moment and reveal a great deal on the reality of life. Included in the book are a number of lithographic (Black & White) images which will make the reader reflect on what they see and read. Well worth the extra cost.

The Survival Guide For Birthing

Knowledge is power and understanding all that is happening to her body during pregnancy and the birthing process empowers the woman to be in control and relax as much as possible. Maureen was inspired to write this book as she has always been fascinated by the miracle of the process of birth, the beginning of new life and the importance of the best possible care, as well as positive outcomes, for mother, baby, father and siblings.  This is a must book to read.

The Mystical Treehouse & Other Fun Stories

This book is a compilation of the winning stories from the Mentoring Writers Summer 2020 Writing Competition. They are aimed at children aged 6+ and are based on a series of titles. All entrants were independently judged with the overall winner receiving top marks.

DRACULA - The Untold Story

First of stories is a light-hearted tale of how one mans journey playing the part of Dracula might have affected him? It gives an interesting view of Bram Stoker’s fictional character and should be read with an open mind. The Second story takes you on a journey in and around Whitby where you are introduced to some of it’s legends and ghost stories. Follow if you dare.

The Mentoring  Writers 2021  Short  Story  Book

is a collection of winning entries from the Mentoring Writers Summer 2021 Writing Competition. In includes an assortment of stories written by writers from across the world and contains genres from Sci-Fi to Horror, Mystery to Chick Lit. Romance to Contemporary Fiction.

These stories are aimed at adults. Not suitable for younger readers.

It Is What It Is

We feel the impatience and frustration as new teacher, down trodden Georgie fights to prove her worth against the self-centred vice-principal, Jose, who appears to have his own reasons for wanting her to fail. Georgie also fights other unexpected elements which leaves the reader wondering what will happen next.  Yet, despite what happens to her, Georgie finds she is supported on all sides, especially by her Mentoring teacher, Alex. However, all is not well with the tall, dark and handsome technical teacher. Even so, Georgie finds herself slowly growing to admire Alex, drawing ever closer to him.

We are teased into the expectation of an all-encompassing love story, and we discover a heart-breaking tragedy which will leave us stranded and perhaps devastated. Yet maybe not. Perhaps all is not lost? Only time will tell.


Here we present some of the published books we have worked with authors to produce

The Same As You - A Teenage Diary Unlocked.

The true story about the problems a teenage experienced suffering  from ADS (Anxiety, Depression and Suicide). This is  a small time piece from the life of a 17 year old learning to cope with life’s difficulties. Taken from her diary this is written in a way that young teenagers who feel they are alone and suffering similar experiences will be able to relate to. Now used as recommended reading by an Australian Psychologist organisation helping youngsters cope with life's traumas.

My Family

A  fantasy  story  written by  a young 13 year old about her  family. Her story and descriptions are based on her love of Halloween characters. This is a light hearted look at how she views her family in a fun and unusual way and is aimed at younger readers. The story won a ‘Commendation’ from the judges of the Winchester University Writing Competition.