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Things don’t always go to plan, as I have quickly discovered. A few months ago, I set in motion plans to launch a new ‘book review’ platform. Unfortunately, due to the lock down I have had a major rethink on what I now wish to do going forward.

While I may not be getting any younger, I still enjoy all I do within the world of writing. However, I also have to consider my personal situation and the man who has faithfully supported me for a number of years through this career and all I have achieved since we married. It’s not that I am suddenly looking at my own mortality, as I have no intention of leaving this mortal coil for at least another twenty-five years. No, it’s more the art of balancing your own personal wants, need and desires with that of another person. Especially one who is very important to you.

Over the last four years I have suffered to some degrees quite badly but today I realised that I am finally feeling my best. In fact, I have never felt so much at ease, so comfortable or at peace with my world in general. Does Covdi-19 frighten me? Yes, of course it does. I do have a history of asthma and am therefore vulnerable. However, I am also a Yorkshire Lass, made from strong stuff so this virus had better watch out.

To me death isn’t something that shouldn’t be feared. After all, we are all born to die. That’s a fact. The fear should not be dying but how we go. All I ask, when it’s my time, is that I close my eyes, go to sleep and never wake up again. No pain or suffering. And preferably in some young gigolo’s bed?

Oh! Did I just say that out loud? Hope my other half didn’t hear me? Mind you he would probably laugh and say, ‘he had better be a butcher giving away some good quality steaks.’

I jest of course. But then, when talking about the D word, one is supposed to be light-hearted, aren’t we?

Anyway, I digress. Having had my rethink, I think it’s now time I sat down and made some new plans.

So, what do I intend doing?

Well as much as I possibly can and with as much gusto and energy as I can muster. Not easy for an old girl like me. But I’ll get there. I always have.

Me thinks I will concentrate on sharing what I have learnt these many years of the writing craft and the writing world through my position of as an author. But also, through my Mentoring Writers and Kids4Kids.org.uk services. I shall continue to link with writers of all ages across the world; something which has so far proven to be a marvellous experience. And one which I have found very satisfying. I shall also, for as long as I am wanted, continue with my judging duties. Currently I am waiting the entrants for the Page Turners Awards. And I am certainly going to relish my new link working with the Young Norfolk Arts Trust Foundation.

On a more personal note, I am looking forward to the forthcoming production in 2021 of my first ever musical play. This has been a long time in development and will be complimented with the launch of a new historical fiction novel.

In the meantime, I am hiding myself away in a recording studio set up in our apartment as I ready myself to start the process of recording my new series of podcasts aimed at advising new and developing writers as they begin their journey in to this wonderful writing world of ours. In other words, folks, despite the lock down I am enjoying my life.

If you need help with your writing, no matter what stage you are at, then check out either the www.mentoringwriters.co.uk website (adults of all ages) or the www.Kids4Kids.org.uk website for those under 18) and I will walk with you along your journey.

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