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Having completed your manuscript and having edited it you are now wondering what to do with it. Of course you want to submit for publication but are wondering how it will be received.

You decide to ask your family or friends to read it through and they rave about it which is great. But, are they right or are they just being nice because they love and like you?

I’m not being  unkind about your relatives, remember I’ve been there and done that, which is why, when I released my Historical Novel “Dear Friends,” Letters From Abroad,  I had my manuscript Proof-Read by a Professional Reader. And it was the best thing I ever did.

Whether you are wanting to be traditionally published or self-published, in print or digital media, it is always better to get someone who knows and understands the industry to read your work through. Hence the need for a Proof-reader and that's where we come in. Mentoring Writers will give a full proof-read of your manuscript preparing it for publication.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the number of words the cost of a Full Proofread, Edit & Report Service starts at £12 per 1000 words. We will assess how long we anticipate the report will take and quote you accordingly for the time and effort required to provide you with an extensive report that will benefit your manuscript and your future writing efforts.

To find out more about our Proof-Reading services email for details at contact@mentoringwriters.co.uk

Mentoring Writers provided me with creative strategy, concept building, editing and manuscript assessment.

I have now published my third book, and with their mentors help I really developed my own ideas, taking them to new heights. Having knowledge of the publishing world, as well as the ability to think outside the box, has given not just me but my fellow authors the inspiration we have needed to complete our manuscripts. Thanks Ann - Julie Wall, Author, USA.

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