Mentoring Writers is the brainchild and extension of the services offered by Award Winning Author, Speaker, and Writers Mentor Ann Brady. It is part of her author business, the Kids4Kids.org Mentoring Services, and the Pen & Ink Designs Publishing division of AB Business Group.

Ann began her non-fiction writing career some 30+ years ago. This included her taking up speaking engagements and creating mentoring events within the industry that she worked in at that time.

When she gave up her business career Ann ventured into the world of fictional writing and has spent many years since travelling the fascinating journey of discovery that writing has brought to the many other authors and writers around the world.

She has extended her knowledge to include the world of publishing, social media and now podcasting as well continuing her award winning success as a creative website designer.

This lady helps not only adult writers but, through the Kids4Kids.org.uk organisation, she assists younger writers to achieve their dream of having a book published. She has worked with authors of all ages across the world from the UK to America to Australia and places in between.

Many would say that Ann is very much an understated person but she gives of her time willingly and with much pleasure and joy. And especially so,  when she sees the results of her efforts with messages that portray an authors delight at the results they have achieved.

Whatever you need help with we at Mentoring Writers will work with you in order to help you expand your experience or build confidence in order for you to carry out and achieve your chosen goal.

To find out how we can help you, please email details of your mentoring needs to contact@mentoringwriters.co.uk or complete the form at the side.

‘Writing my story - The Same As You: A Teenage Diary Unlocked - helped me overcome the struggles I have experienced with ADS. I thank you Ann for all the support and effort you gave in order for me to reach my goal. My small book is now recommended reading for teenagers suffering from the problems that I had. I am so pleased you talked me into doing this.’  Kelly-Ann Graydon (part of the Kids4Kids Group of Young Mentored Writers)

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