For those writers who are under the age of 18 we offer a unique style of mentoring that covers not only writing but also helps them understand the use of the English language in reference to the publishing arena.

Many young writers really enjoy the freedom of letting their imaginations run wild and free by creating and writing the most amazing stories. Many also find the craft of writing helps them say things they would not otherwise be able to put into speech. Thus we help them cope with situations they sometimes have little control over.

At Kids4Kids.org.uk* we recognise the need to nurture and encourage creativity in young people from all backgrounds. Which is why, in order to accommodate and assist new and developing young writers we offer access to resources aimed specifically for their age group.

A Kids4Kids Mentoring Programme helps young writers by working with them to achieve their desired writing goals. This is not meant to be detrimental to the excellent English educational tutoring they receive in our school system; but is aimed at concentrating on specific areas within the creative writing system, where often the rules in writing can be broken. Strange as it may seem when a child wants to have a book published, and it is amazing how many do, then we at Kids4Kids are geared to help them achieve that very success.

All our mentoring services are backed with regular emails and discussions that are geared to the individual needs and are with the full access and consent of their parent or guardian.

How much does it cost?

Due to the varying needs of each client, it is difficult to assess an exact cost as each mentoring service has to be geared to the individual participants requirements. A simple discussion session about starting to write can be done through our ‘Chat With Our Mentor’ (click here)

Every Mentoring Session starts with a free consultation which allows the Mentor to create a timetable suitable for the person being mentored and for an appropriate cost to be calculated and quoted. However, we also offer a limited number of free Mentoring Programmes to children throughout the year. To put this in simple terms - the cost is nothing. We offer this as a free service.

Every Mentoring Session starts with a free consultation in order for the Mentor to understand the needs of the writer, and where necessary, to create a timetable suitable for the person being mentored.

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(*Please note this is not to be confused with any other organisation with a similar name).

‘Ann, Thanks so much for believing in me and for helping me to achieve my dream by putting my work into print!’ Anya Elisabeth (Age 14. Part of the Kids4Kids Group of Young Mentored Writers)


 Willow Bowen (Age 11. Entrant in the Mentoring Writers Summer 2020 Short Story Competition)

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