Need help from someone who can walk you through the writing process? Want to improve your understanding of how to write a manuscript? Lacking confidence in your writing? Are you finding it difficult to understand how to create a plot for your story? The list of queries goes on.

With a Mentoring Writers Writing Programme we can help you overcome any or all of these problems. We gear our programmes to suit each individual writers requirements, starting at the beginning and working our way through to the end of your writing project.

Whether it be improving your writing in general, learning how to plot out your storyline, developing your characters, understanding how to create your scenes, or building your story until you have a great piece of written work, we can help you work your way through it all.

And if you are a non-fiction writer, well we can help you there as well as our principal mentor has many years of writing experience within the non-fiction writing arena.

It doesn’t matter what age you are, a Mentoring Writers Mentoring Programme can bring great results. And for the under 18’s we have the Kids4Kids Organisation Mentoring Programme.

Check out our Library page for details of some of the manuscripts we have worked on.

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How much does it cost?

Due to the varying needs of each client, it is difficult to assess an exact cost as each mentoring service has to be geared to the individual participants requirements.

A simple discussion session about starting to write can be done through our ‘Chat With Our Mentor’  (Click here)  

A more detailed Mentoring Session would be priced accordingly. Typically, sessions start at £25 per hour, but your costs may be more or less depending on the services required. More details (Click here)          

(Children have special rates and may, in some circumstances, receive free Mentoring. Details upon request)

Every Mentoring Session starts with a free consultation which allows the Mentor to create a timetable suitable for the person being mentored and for an appropriate cost to be calculated and quoted.

To find out how we can help you, please email details of your mentoring needs to contact@mentoringwriters.co.uk or complete the form at the side.

‘I have so enjoyed my mentoring sessions with Ann at Mentoring Writers. She explained everything so I could fully understand and I have learnt so much. Thanks a lot.’

J R, Yorkshire - PB author.


Thank you Mentoring Writers for all the help every step of the way! The mentoring you provided was incredible. I learned so much from you and am thankful and blessed to have met you! What an amazing journey!

Maureen Edwards, New York. Author of ‘It Is What It Is’ debuted Nov 2020

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