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For many new writers, the Readers Review & Report Service is one of the most useful. It offers professional feedback on all aspects of a manuscript, enabling the writer to see what is working well and if any improvements might be needed.

Our Reviewer will look at content, style and storyline, giving an assessment of your chances of getting your work published. And, if you're planning on self-publishing, the report will show you if you need to do any further work first.

The report  can be supported by manuscript annotation, thus allowing you to pinpoint exactly where any amendments need to be made.

If you are only part way through your manuscript having a Readers Review could help you understand if you are travelling the right road with your writing. This wouldn’t be a final Review and Edit but it would give the writer an idea of how their work could be transformed if necessary.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the number of words the cost of a Readers Review & Report Service starts at £25 per hour. We will assess how long we anticipate the report will take and quote you accordingly for the time and effort required to provide you with an extensive report that will benefit your manuscript and your future writing efforts.

We offer different levels of our ‘Readers Review and Report’ service depending on your needs. For more details contact us at contact@mentoringwriters.co.uk


Readers Review & Report - Ann at Mentoring Writers was a major influence in my understanding my own and the creative processes of writing. I think she is amazing. Thanks a lot. - Maureen Edwards, Australia.

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