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As an editor I work with writers who either self-publisher or who submit to traditional publishers and agents. In order to prepare your manuscript for a final proofread I offer different levels of editing, including suggestions for any structural change, a wider revision if necessary, to a review and constructive edit.

For self-publishers, there is additional support which includes help through the proofreading stage to the production process. We can work with authors in writing a compelling blurb to devising a creative and low-budget marketing strategy.

For writers submitting to publishers and agents, additional support can include advice on submissions strategy and communicating with publishers /agents.

Whether writers are traditionally published or self-published, in print or digital media, upon publication Mentoring Writers can continue to offer support through our Membership services which will include up-to-date information relevant to the industry.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the number of words the cost of a full Review & Full Line/Copy Edit Service starts £150 for 50,000 words. We will assess how long we anticipate the edit will take and quote you accordingly for the time and effort required to provide you with an extensive report that will benefit your manuscript and your future writing efforts.

We also offer a Chapter Review of the first 5 chapters of any manuscript at a cost of £45.

For more about the editing services email for details at contact@mentoringwriters.co.uk


“I had the pleasure of working with Ann prior to publication of the first draft of my novel God’s Buried Children, in her capacity as a reviewer and editor. Ann carried out the work quickly and efficiently, clearly understanding the parameters of the storyline and that English wasn’t my first language. Ann was more than an editor, she was an emotionally involved reader that understood the voice and the soul of my book. I found Ann’s comments and review very helpful and greatly appreciated her input. I would highly recommend her services.”

Forever grateful, Dr. Daniel Farcas

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